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Interview. Warped Tour 2013. Juliet Simms

Styling Sessions: Getting the Rock Look

Juliet Simms with The voice stylist

A fan av Juliet Simms covered “Wild Child”. Check out the video of Carolyn Hock! She did amazing (:


♥♥♡♥ Vows made, new ones tied on and old ones repaired and restringed \(☆_☆)/

A close up from my two new ones from andy ’s line. I Won’t Bleed, and Protect The Innocent, wich is now my Anti Bullying bracelet ♥♥♡♥

Black Ink Revange \(º○º)/ with still my Snakey necklace combined with Song Bird ♥♥♡♥

In this picture shown: Vampire Bite, Black Ink Revange, Making My Way Out Of Crazy, Leave The Planet Alone, Your Worst Nightmare, Make Up Smeared Eyes, To Love Is To Die, Be True, In Memory Forever, Protect The Innocent, Let Our Violence End, Automatic LoveLetter Forever, Juliet, Sleep, Love The Fishes And The Flowers, I Won’t Bleed.

I got more on my other arm and my ankle. They were all choosen very carefully and all have a vow with a special meaning to me, that’s also a reason why I love them so much ♥♥♡♥ except a few that i got for free

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Juliet Simms

—A Heart Doesn't Beat On Its Own

A Heart Doesn’t Beat On Its Own - Juliet Simms

(Source: nighttimemytime)

Vans Warped Tour official Youtube posted a video from Housten. Juliet Simms was in the video from 2:09 - 2:40.

Black Ink Revenge.